AGM - Advanced Generator Monitor

AGM is an industry-first combined 24/7 monitor, alarm system and analyzer for prime power and standby generators with automated load-bank testing features. Developed under the Windows IoT OS, AGM allows users to interact with the meter both on site and remotely with a single user-friendly interface. The AGM application includes eight tools to meet the critical needs of generator monitoring and measurement. These tools exceed the capabilities of several specialty hardware analyzers, and combine their feature sets with intelligent monitoring. All tools are integrated with a single fast-access database so that measurements and alerts can be retrieved with simple mouse click functionality.

AGM monitoring and measurement tools include:
• PQ/VI Tool showing generator PQ and VI capability curves
• PQ/VI Tool showing real-time-updating electrical and vibration meter pages
• PQ/VI Tool showing calculated incident energy and arc flash label
• Alerts Tool with integrated outbox, email alerts and SMS text messaging alerts
• Phasor Diagram Tool with harmonics tabulation and demand tabulation
• Cycle-by-Cycle Trending Tool of RMS values with one-click generator testing
• Event Capture Tool to record voltage and current transient events
• Demand Recording Tool that logs long-term demand and vibration results
• IEEE 519 Harmonics Tool for logging statistically based harmonics
• Vibration Analyzer Tool with bearing defect tracking and analysis


The Phasor Diagram Tool allows you to quickly “see power system vital signs” in one glance and includes a single-cycle measurement with realtime update of all fundamental and RMS demand quantities. Single-cycle phasors and waveshapes are plotted on screen for quick viewing of all channels. A harmonic decomposition to the 50th harmonic is included for all channels and a calculated neutral current.The phasor diagram should always be the starting point for trouble shooting.

event capture

The Event Capture Tool continuously monitors all voltage and current channels and captures sub-cycle events when waveform data satisfies specified trigger thresholds. A review of captured events after a failure or undesirable electrical system behavior will reveal sub-cycle information that cannot be seen in RMS trending and harmonics tools.


The Vibration Analyzer Tool suppliesthree-axis vibration analysis on a keybearing of the generator. That analysis is performed in real-time along with all of the other analysis tools, and is based on phase-locked waveform data. Results generated include RMS, 0 to Peak and Peak to Peak Acceleration, Velocity and Displacement. The tool also includes analysis of four bearing defect frequencies and has triggering thresholds that can be set to auto-snap a transient vibration event into the database.

AGM has many more features, please contact us for more information or a request a free demo version.